Cracking and Flaking Painting Tips

The cracking of your dry paint layer through one coat, due to aging, which will eventually result in total failure of your paint. In the beginning, the condition shows up as hairline splits; in the later stages, cracking and flaking takes place.

Probable Causes

  • Using lesser quality paint which has inferior adhesion as well as inadequate flexibility.
  • Overthinning or even overspreading your paint.
  • Substandard surface area preparation, or perhaps using your paint on bare timber without initially using a good primer.
  • Increased hardening as well as embrittlement with solvent based paint simply because the paint job has aged.
  • Additional Probable Causes With Exterior Painting:
    Painting when very cold or even windy weather which makes water based paints dry out far too quickly.


Get rid of any loose as well as peeling paint using a scraper or perhaps a wire brush, sanding the area plus feathering the perimeter of the affected area. Should the peeling occur in several layers of paint, using a good filler might be required. Prime any bare timber areas prior to painting. By using a high quality primer along with your main coat ought to stop the repeat of the issue.

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  1. Nicky

    I think that the tip about painting while outside was very helpful. I know now that by doing so while it is windy may cause the paint to dry out very quickly. Thanks!

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